About Open Access

In the traditional subscription-based model, readers or their institutions need to pay to get access to the published materials.

In an open access model, all journals are immediately available online free to everyone who has access to the Internet. Thus it can accelerate the dissemination of knowledge to the best extent. Open access is gaining more and more support from the international academic community.


All journals published by Academy Publication are open access.

To sustain the high quality peer-reviewed open access publishing, article processing charges are collected to defray some of the editorial and production costs. In most cases, the article processing charge can be covered by the submitting author¨s institution or funding agency.

The article processing charge (or the paper charge) for our journals is as below:

Journal of Language Teaching and Research:   300/250/200 USD for high/middle/low income countries;
Theory and Practice in Language Studies:        300/250/200 USD for high/middle/low income countries.


The classification of high/middle/low income countries is according to the World Bank at:




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